Thursday, 30 September 2010


I painted this today and called it "House". I havent painted a nights sky including a moon in a while but i really like how this one has worked out. Its only a wee canvas but very cute. In my latest paintings i have started using paintbrushes and you can see how this changes the texture of the painting. My most current images are a lot smoother with much finer detail.

Only Once Lived.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


I cant decide what to call this piece. Any ideas? I put up 3 photos to show how the painting has progressed. Canvas size 60x80. Picture inspired by a trip to the Blair Drummond Safari Park where i saw a particularly cute peacock. Thought I'd paint him.

Calm and Choppy

As I've only just started this blog I'll have to go back in time with my paintings. I painted this piece on the 10th of September for my boyfriends flat warming present. He created a song to go with it so I will include a link to that for those interested. I'm happy my creativity influenced someone else. It was not taken from any images but from my imagination. To create texture i used bits of cardboard, a pallet knife, rollers and blended with my fingers... who needs paintbrushes.